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Maloney Creek Trail Improvement Project (MCTIP)
will develop a .2 mile accessible interpretive trail that begins with a trailhead and disability parking at the end of Thelma and continues eastward along the creek. The plans include construction of a platform overlook at the upper trail terminus.

MCTIP is a Town project with funding from the State Department of Ecology. AMEC is the environmental design engineer and Northwest Trails is the trail contractor. The U.S. Forest Service and King County have provided permitting and consultation on the project.

The trail construction is scheduled for completion in July with riparian planting and interpretive signage to occur later in 2014.


Old Fisherman's Trail

Old Fisherman’s Trail

Maloney Creek Step Pools

Maloney Step Pools

Maloney Step Pools

2 Responses to Trail Watch Blog

  1. JMenard says:

    6/2/2014 The Northwest Trails construction crew began the fence relocation on the USFS storage yard. The fence relocation will allow for a wider trail for accessibility without taking down trees.

    The construction crew has brought in a camper trailer as their base headquarters during this project.

  2. JoAnne Menard says:

    5/30/2014 Construction on the MCTIP is starting this week. Northwest Trails, contractor for the project, is beginning to move equipment into the USFS and Town storage areas at the end of Thelma Street.

    Following a pre-construction meeting at the Town compound bunkhouse on May 5, volunteers from Skykomish Environmental Institute began removing invasive plants from the proposed trail path. The USFS designated two plants to be removed: Herb Robert and Forget-me-nots. USFS required that the designated invasive plants be removed prior to the start of trail construction.

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