Salmon Watch

“Always the salmon die.

On the way up the river the swimmer will pass the fingerlings of his kind coming down to the sea.  They want to go but are afraid to go.  They still swim upstream; but gently the river carries them downstream, tail first; where birds and larger fish prey upon them and pretty soon they turn to face their dangers.  Nobody knows how far they go or where.  When the time comes to return, their bodies tell them and those hatched in the same stream separate from all the others and come home together.  And in the end the swimmer dies and the river takes him downstream, tail first as he started.

It is always the same.  The whole life of the swimmer is one of courage and adventure.  All of it builds to a climax and the end.  When the swimmer dies he has spent himself completely for the end for which he was made.

And it is not sadness.  It is triumph!”

From :  I Heard the Owl call my Name, Margaret Craven


Welcome to the SEI
Maloney Creek Salmon Watch and Salmon Watch blog.

This blog (see Salmon Watch Blog tab) is a witness to the life cycle of the courageous salmon of Maloney Creek.

Maloney Creek is a tributary to the South Branch of the Skykomish River, running through the town of Skykomish. Maloney Creek is a seasonal stream which often dries up at the end of each summer. But Maloney Creek is salmon habitat, as many a resident of Skykomish will tell you. We are the witnesses to the drama which unfolds anew again each year.

Please join us as witnesses to this annual event. Go to the blog tab and add your comments on what you are seeing. Have you taken any photos of the salmon? email them to and we will include them in the blog.