Quiet again

Report for December 3, 2012 by Rich Yarges

I visited Maloney Creek today to see if the recent rain might have brought up any more salmon. I was somewhat disappointed because the water was not much higher than last week. I had my waders on but I hardly needed anything more than knee boots. It seems that most of the recent precipitation has fallen as snow in the Maloney Creek Watershed. I walked the Creek from the bottom of the Staircase Pools all the way to the Old Cascade Highway Bridge. I counted only 12 salmon, all Chinook, and all but one of them were salmon that had already spawned and were just holding. Here are a couple of stills of the holding salmon.

Salmon Holding in Maloney Creek

Salmon Holding

Salmon Carcass


The prior week I had counted 17 salmon in the same stretch of water.  One salmon, however, was in prime condition; not a sign of any fungus at all on him (I am pretty sure it is a male).  This salmon was very active, compared to his spawned-out neighbors.  I was able to get a good video of him.   



I approached him carefully so I don’t think I affected his activity much.  He appears to be carefully exploring the water in front of him; swimming upstream a short way, and then retreating back to safe ground. A beautiful fish looking for company.



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