Chinook Salmon Spawning is in Full Swing!

Report for November 3, 2012 by Rich Yarges 

I looked for salmon at the bridge over the Old Cascade Highway today.  The creek had dropped to what it had been several weeks ago when I walked it in my waders.  When I looked over the edge of the bridge I spooked a heron.  We both startled each other. The heron took off flying downstream.  Near the shore below the bridge was a pod of 5-6 salmon.  The heron had been standing right there amongst the fish.   I wonder what it was doing?  Was it eating salmon eggs; or salmon? 

From the bridge I waded upstream several hundred yards.  There, I got this wonderful video of salmon spawning:  (click on the link below to see the youtube video.)

Salmon Spawning video 1

I left the stream at the Old Cascade Highway and re-entered at the end of Thelma street.  Here is a photo of the place where I took the picture of salmon spawning several days ago.  You can see from this photo that the water has dropped quite a bit. 

Root Wad

 The fish are no longer be able to hide under the root wad.  There are still a few salmon up here but not as many as a few days ago.  I walked upstream past several of the staircase falls and from there I walked to the end of the accessable area of the creek. I looked for salmon along the way, but I didn’t see any.  I think that the farthest they have gotten upstream is to the bottom of the staircase falls.  All total today I probably saw 40-50 salmon.  The creek is full of them.  Now is a good time to visit Maloney Creek to watch wild Chinook salmon spawn.  It is quite a sight to see!

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3 Responses to Chinook Salmon Spawning is in Full Swing!

  1. Gary says:

    After looking at the photos and videos on the Salmon Watch Blog I had to drop by for current look. This was last Saturday when I didnt see any salmon in the habitat restoration area. Those from a few days earlier may have floated downstream to feed the eagles whose population has recently increased. I did see a few salmon resting up or getting directions down where the creek drains to the Sky. The Salmon Habitat Restoration site is looking good with it’s natural beauty. It will only add to the interest next year when the interpretive signage is in place.

    • JoAnne M. says:

      Gary, I’m glad you got down to the creek, and saw at least a few salmon. And thanks for checking out where the creek hits the SF, near where you live. I’m surprised at how the salmon locations change daily. From Rich’s recent posting, it seems there are many, many in the last few days. I like your comments about the restoration looking good, and your perspective that it will be even better next year with interpretive signage (and hopefully other enhancements). I agree!

  2. Clint Stanovsky says:

    Great videos and photos, Rich. I’ve seen Chinook in the creek before, but never so many at once. Happy days.

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