But Where are they?

Report for October 28, 2012 by Rich Yarges

It rained quite a bit yesterday and last night. Here you can see clouds clearing off the mountainside which are headwaters for Maloney Creek.

We are getting a little break from the rain today. There is a lot of water running in Maloney Creek right now. I donned my waders and made a thorough search for salmon from the bridge at Old Cascade Highway to as far as I could walk upstream . Water is starting to flow through the sediment deposition area. I took these picture there.

Sediment Deposition zone 10-28-2012

Water beginning to flow through the Sediment Deposition Zone


Water Entering Deposition Zone

The water should be high enough now to entice salmon to come up from the Skykomish River. I could not see any signs of them, but the water is deep enough now in some places for them to hide. I decided to take the plunge with my Nikon coolpik AW100 camera. It is supposed to be waterproof to 33 ft but I have never tested it out. I held my hand underwater with the camera and snapped this picture in one of the staircase pools.


No salmon there (and my camera survived!).  I will be ready to take their portrait when they arrive.  I am thinking of making a night visit to the creek.  I think the salmon tend to move more at night.  If you visit the creek, be sure to give me your report.  I am sure we will be seeing some salmon soon.

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  1. Kara says:

    The Maloney wetlands are looking like wetlands again. Plenty of water for the spawning salmon. Haven’t seen or heard any yet. Hopefully, the salmon didn’t give up on Maloney and move further upstream.

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