Report for October 14, 2012 by Rich Yarges

At last the rains arrive:

I visited Maloney Creek on Sunday. What a difference a week makes. Our warm sunny days and impending drought are history. It has been raining for several days now and the creek has grown from a mere trickle to a real stream. It goes all the way to the Skykomish River now. The staircase falls are flowing full again. I took a picture of them:

Maloney Creek Oct 14, 2012

 The flow is slightly discolored from the runoff and I couldn’t see any fish, but I am sure that the fingerlings I saw last week have begun their journey to the sea. I saw no signs of adult salmon in the creek. Perhaps they will show themselves by next weekend  if the rain continues.

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  1. Bob Boggs says:

    On Saturday October 20, I visited the NDZ (natural deposition zone) and the old Cascade Bridge. Nature left a colorful trail of evidence indicating water flows in the NDZ and an increased depth along the creek. Although water was not flowing in the NDZ, there previously had been a surge. Orange and yellow leaves of alder and maple left distinct markers of where water flowed in the NDZ and into the main channel of the creek. Flow patterns were also evident in the primary and secondary channels into the NDZ. The depth of the main channel at the end of Thelma Street was measured at 13.5 inches. Stream depth at the bridge was also 13.5 inches. The wet lands were full along with a steady stream into the main channel. Stream flow beyond the bridge continued unheeded to the confluence with the South Fork of the Skykomish. The table is set for the return of the salmon.

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